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Morning by Morning’s sling bag

Time for a new bag, I decided to try out Morning by Morning’s Sling Bag Tutorial.

It was an afternoon project and I found the instructions easy to follow. A few tips from my attempt:

  • Three pockets instead of four – I decided to only have one pocket on the outside (or what I expect to be the outside most often because the bag is reversible).
  • Casing for the elastic – The first pocket I made up was one for the inside just in case it didn’t work out very well, and, to be honest, I wasn’t happy with the approach of stitching the hem to the elastic because the white elastic was a little visible. If the pocket hung open then the elastic might be seen. I decided to create a casing for the elastic on the other pockets and I think they look better.
  • Length of the elastic - My pockets look more slack than the ones in the tutorial. Perhaps my elastic was not strong enough or I didn’t attach the pockets correctly. If I try this tutorial again, I’ll use shorter elastics and try to position the top corners of the pocket better so it creates more a secure, puckered pouch.
  • No handle tube - I only folded one of the strap ends inside itself to create a kind of hem, then slid the other one inside and sewed a few stripes on top as decoration.
  • Top-stitch after the joining the handle – Because I didn’t have the handle tube, I top-stitched around both sides of the handle after the handle was joined.
  • I wish I’d used a magnet clasp – It’s a sizable bag and if it’s full then it will need to swing behind me to rest against my back. I might add a decorative closure of some sort to keep the bag from gaping open.

Sling bag front

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Tag along tote

Tag along tote bag hanging from a chair

I found a free bag tutorial from Free Time Frolics for a Tag Along Tote. I’m quite happy with the end result but a few things I learned along the way:

  • Paper pattern size - when I printed the pattern, I had some doubts about whether my printer had changed the size of it because it may have been created in letter size rather than A4 size paper. I decided not to worry about altering it and went ahead anyway. Continue reading

Elastic-closing on a fabric mobile phone pouch

I had a slightly failed attempt at sewing a mobile phone pouch. I took a little inspiration from Quiltish’s Phone Case Design Process and Katie’s Quilting Corner’s Easy Lined Pouch Tutorial. A few things I learned:

  • Measuring is important. My pouch is too large. I was being overly generous with my seam allowances and didn’t check it enough as I went along to reduce it to a reasonable size.
  • Think about how it will be used. The flap isn’t functioning well – it has a tendency to pop out from underneath the elastic that’s intended to hold it in place. A tighter fitting pouch or a longer flap might have solved this problem. Continue reading