Sewing catch-up

Sewing a top

Over the past few months I’ve tried sewing some clothes from patterns. I’ve done this a few times before with okay results but I want to get better and do this more regularly. These particular patterns aren’t very difficult but I’ve found that it helps to read through all the instructions before beginning and to measure well.

The photographs don’t do the clothes justice and they look much better in reality. I need to rig up some way to take well-lit and nicely presented pictures :)

Skirt pattern: Newlook 6872
This doesn’t look like much on a hanger but it’s a very comfortable skirt I made using Japanese Lawn I bought on sale from Spotlight. I had a few mishaps with the pattern but I will try it again.

The zipper took a little effort and I’ll need to try harder next time so that it is a neat and hidden finish.

The waistband came out too large – I might have measured poorly and I should have caught the problem while I was putting it together – but I wear it down on my hips with a loose t-shirt and no one can tell.

Newlook 6872 skirt

Top pattern: Newlook 6895
I might need some measuring lessons because I measured myself, traced the matching size, and this top is also a little large on me.

The first time I made it I found the top very comfortably floaty over the body but the arm holes were too large for my liking. For the second attempt I reduced the size of the arm holes and the top fits much better! I might still re-trace the next size down of the pattern and give that a try as well.

These are great tops in light cotton for warm Australian summer days.

First attempt at the top.
First attempt at the top.
Second attempt at the top. I've been wearing this one a lot.
Second attempt at the top. I’ve been wearing this one a lot.