Saint Rémy top-down pullover

Saint Rémy top-down pullover

The chill is well and truly in the air here in Sydney as I’ve been working on my first top-down pullover from the free pattern, Saint Rémy, using Morris & Sons Estate 4 ply wool.

While it’s intended to be a fitted pullover, my personal measurements are a tad strange, and my knitting loosened up a touch after swatching, so I didn’t achieve the intended fit but it’s warm and perfect for the weather.

A few notes:

  • The pullover is knit the same on the front and back which means each round is fairly straight-forward (although there is a lot of thinking to be done in the yoke to distribute the increases).
  • My stitch gauge had been 26s per 4″ for my swatch but I seem to have loosened up during the project so it’s closer to 25s per 4″.
  • My row gauge was 32r instead of 34r per 4″ so I had to do a lot of calculating and adjusting for placing my increases and decreases.
  • For increases, I used M1L and M1R instead of the M1 [make 1] that provide a tutorial for.
  • On the stranded section I played it super safe with very loose knitting. I left the ends un-woven when I hand-washed the pullover and, after it was dry, I went around slowly removing slack from the stitches so it has a more even finish.
  • I knit the body and sleeves longer than instructed as a personal preference.
  • I’m concerned the ribbing on the bottom of the body might curl with use so it might have been better to knit on a slightly smaller needle, make it longer, or create a folded hem.

More details can be found on my Ravelry project page for the Saint Rémy pullover.

I’m now itching to dive back in to stranded knitting to get better at judging tension for a good finish.

Back of the Saint Rémy pullover
Back of the Saint Rémy pullover