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Crochet catch-up

I’ve been too busy crafting and enjoying the holiday season to post but I’ve been taking photos as I go. Here are a few crochet projects:

Amigurumi toys

I received a request for a sombrero hat to fit on an amigurumi duck I made earlier in the year. I was sent the head measurement and tried hard to make a sombrero-like accessory. Reports are that it was well received but needs a chin strap to stay on the duck’s big head :)

Amigurumi sombrero hat

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Amigurumi bunnies

The original amigurumi bunnies
The original amigurumi bunnies

Earlier this year I started playing with amigurumi patterns, and after I’d tried a few and figured out some of the more effective techniques, I tried out the free pattern from Make Craft for the Crochet Spring Bunny. I made two bunnies in the favourite colours of a friend’s twin 3 year-old girls and the bunnies have seen so much play that the red one disappeared on an adventure somewhere and there was need for a replacement. Continue reading