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My first toe-up socks

Over the holidays I challenged myself to try a different way of making socks. I’ve knit all my socks cuff-down so it was time to try toe-up.

I had a Zauberball that I’d been hoarding and I decided that the fun colours would keep me interested as I worked a plain sock. I had also picked up a set of Knit Pro Karbonz to test out in 2.25mm (US 1) so I threw them in the challenge mix. Continue reading

Two yarns striped socks

It was time to use up a stashed yarn that was bought without a clear purpose.

These socks were knit from the top down with the intention of using just the Regia Design Line “Garden Effects” yarn, but the more ribbing I knit the more I knew that this yarn needed help from a friend to make it interesting. I added in a ball of grey Regia that appears almost purple-blue next to the the pinks and reds from the Garden Effects yarn. Stripes to the rescue!

A pair of striped hand knit socks Continue reading

Itty bitty short double-pointed knitting needles

4 inch double pointed knitting needles

Recently I bumped into an online yarn shop that was selling 10cm (4 inch) double-pointed knitting needles. I’d never seen them available in such a short length before and I immediately knew that I wanted to try them out.

I looked around Sydney but I couldn’t find any. I went to one of my favourite yarn shops and asked at the counter and the person told me they didn’t exist. I told her that I’d seen them online for sale in Europe and she told me that I should buy them online then (I guess she was having a bad day).

So I bought two sets of them online and I love the little needles!  I’ve been using them to knit thumbs on mittens, and while there was a little bit of fear about dropping stitches, I find them quicker to manoeuvre than 20cm (8 inch) DPNs when working on a small circumference.


Holding yarn for stranded colourwork knitting

My recent obsession with knitting stripes has been a lead in to trying stranded colourwork knitting. I love the look of two-colour knits for socks, mittens, beanies and jumpers and I’ve been keen to try it out.

Learning how to do knit stranded colourwork

There are many different techniques and holds for both continental and English-style stranded colourwork knitting so if the following doesn’t work for you, don’t give up, check out some articles and videos, and you’ll find the most comfortable method for you. Continue reading