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Vanilla Flip Mitts

Hot on the heels of my first pattern release, I’ve now released my Vanilla Flip Mitts pattern on Ravelry.

Vanilla Flip Mitts

These fingerless mittens are knit with fingering weight yarn and include folding cuffs, fingers and thumbs so you can fold them up or down depending on the weather or if you need access to your fingers.

The pattern includes three unisex adult sizes as well as visual tutorials for the Old Norwegian cast on, Backwards loop cast on, and picking up stitches for the thumb.

You can also customise the length of the various sections if you want shorter or longer cuffs making this a very flexible pattern that you can use over and over again to create perfect mitts for you and those you love to knit for.

Vanilla Flip Mitts

Mum’s alpaca knit mittens

Mum's alpaca knit mittensIn the pre-holiday rush I forgot to post about these mittens I made for my mum for an upcoming winter adventure.

This was my second time using Morris and Son’s Maya baby alpaca yarn and I love love love it. So soft and warm, perfect for mittens.

I combined a few different stitch patterns to create a light texture for the top of the hand. It was an experiment which I’m mostly happy with but I’d make a few minor changes if I made these again.

Most importantly, mum was super thrilled :) And she loved her cable along socks.

Lightly textured knit mittens

Needles: 3.0mm (US 2.5) and 2.5mm (US 1.5)
Yarn: Morris & Sons Maya 8 ply Baby Alpaca
How much: 1.4 skeins (140 metres / 153 yards), 70 grams
Colorway: 3814 Lagoon

Itty bitty short double-pointed knitting needles

4 inch double pointed knitting needles

Recently I bumped into an online yarn shop that was selling 10cm (4 inch) double-pointed knitting needles. I’d never seen them available in such a short length before and I immediately knew that I wanted to try them out.

I looked around Sydney but I couldn’t find any. I went to one of my favourite yarn shops and asked at the counter and the person told me they didn’t exist. I told her that I’d seen them online for sale in Europe and she told me that I should buy them online then (I guess she was having a bad day).

So I bought two sets of them online and I love the little needles!  I’ve been using them to knit thumbs on mittens, and while there was a little bit of fear about dropping stitches, I find them quicker to manoeuvre than 20cm (8 inch) DPNs when working on a small circumference.


When fingerless mittens go right

After my recent hiccup with fingerless mittens, I took a more sensible approach and knitted test swatches, took measurements, created charts to figure out stripe patterns and thumb increases, and came up with a variety of much better fitting fingerless mittens.

Lots of hand knit fingerless mittens

The end of financial year sale at Morris and Sons suckered me in so I stocked up on random colours and played around with stripes, ribs, and yarns. Continue reading