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Colour play for knitted socks

I’ve become attached to my sock knitting needles after making my first three pairs of socks and an armful of mittens. My fourth and fifth socks have involved colour play rather than relying on self-striping yarns.

Novita Nostalgia socks

Digging in to my yarn stash from Finland, this pair were made with Novita Nostalgia and Novita 7 Veljestä yarn. They have a longer cuff which is folded down in this photo:

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Novita 7 Veljestä yarn for knitting mittens

I’ve returned to Sydney after a very crafty three week holiday to my home country, Finland. I lost count of the yarn and craft stores I visited but I’ve returned full of great memories of the things I saw and the conversations I had with the people running the stores and encouraging their customers in all things crafty. I visited craft museums and exhibitions, cafes and bookstores, immersed myself in the craftier side of Finland and was taught a few knitting tricks by my relatives. I also came back with a big stash of yarn and a smaller stash of fabrics that will take some time to get through but will make for some lovely projects.

I’ll write more about particular crafts, ideas, materials and experiences over the coming weeks, but to start with, I have become obsessed with knitted mittens.

Five mittens on a table
Two and (almost) a half pairs of knitted mittens

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