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Learning to crochet hats

While I’m on the topic of crochet hats:

Divine Hat

A few months ago, for my first ever crochet hat, I used a pattern from Rheatheylia called Divine Hat. I didn’t write any notes as I went along so I’m not sure if I made any adjustments but from memory the pattern was easy to follow and I might have just added an extra row or two to get to the length I wanted. I think I used a multi-coloured and a solid-coloured Lincraft Cosy Wool Yarn. Continue reading

Striped adult woman crochet beanie pattern

Ball of Schoppel Wolle’s Reggae Ombre (100% virgin wool merino, 100m, 50g)A few months ago I started crocheting again for the first time since childhood. I’ve been trying out a few crochet hats and some have worked out better than others. Here’s one of the more successful experiments.

As I’ve been looking at crochet patterns, I’ve marvelled at multi-coloured yarns that have long lengths of colour with gradual changes. When I went to Morris & Sons to look at their sale items last weekend, I ended up browsing everything in the store and found Schoppel Wolle’s Reggae Ombre (100% virgin wool merino, 100m, 50g) and realised it might give me the blended stripes I was after. I bought a few balls and then had to figure out how I was going to crochet them in to a hat! Continue reading