How to knit a scarf faster

A ball of black Lincraft cosy wool yarnA couple of days ago I decided to knit a scarf for someone who’s moving overseas to colder climes. While I’ve knitted half a dozen scarves for myself, I tend to use very simple patterns, and I’m not particularly picky about the style because the colours are my main concern.

My intention was to knit with black wool so I needed a pattern that would be visible while being suitable for a man. I searched online for some scarf patterns for boys and men and I decided that the seeded rib easy reversible scarf would be fun to try while still being relatively simple (just knits and purls). It seemed like a perfect project to get through in the week before I see the person receiving the scarf. Continue reading

It’s time to start a new blog

Hi there!

I don’t expect anyone will stumble on this blog just yet but I thought I’d better post in case someone does. The walls in here are obviously a little bare at the moment but the purpose of this blog will become clear soon and I’ll aim to post at least a couple of short pieces a week over the next little while.

Write to you soon.

Adventures while trying to make random things for fun by Niina (aka Give Me A Crown).