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Vanilla Flip Mitts

Hot on the heels of my first pattern release, I’ve now released my Vanilla Flip Mitts pattern on Ravelry.

Vanilla Flip Mitts

These fingerless mittens are knit with fingering weight yarn and include folding cuffs, fingers and thumbs so you can fold them up or down depending on the weather or if you need access to your fingers.

The pattern includes three unisex adult sizes as well as visual tutorials for the Old Norwegian cast on, Backwards loop cast on, and picking up stitches for the thumb.

You can also customise the length of the various sections if you want shorter or longer cuffs making this a very flexible pattern that you can use over and over again to create perfect mitts for you and those you love to knit for.

Vanilla Flip Mitts

Windshield pattern

The year is buzzing along and one of my goals this year (let’s not mention the intention to write two blog posts a month, shall we?) was to publish my first pattern on Ravelry and I’m excited to say that I’ve done it!

Introducing my Windshield hat pattern:

Windshield hat

This is a gently slouchy hat with diamond motifs knit from the top down with a folded brim. It has a few tricky techniques in it to make for an interesting project!

Windshield hat

In celebration of releasing my first pattern, Windshield is currently free on Ravelry.  I hope you enjoy it!

Setting goals for yarn crafts

Scrappy socks
My most colourful project in 2016 – Scrappy socks

What a difference a bit over a year makes!

It’s been quiet on the blog front as I’ve been keeping busy podcasting in the Give Me A Crown YouTube channel, sewing up a storm in my Etsy shop, trying to keep my projects up to date on Ravelry, and I did a tree-change moving from Sydney to the beautiful countryside of central west NSW, Australia.

But a new year has begun and I want to get back in to writing about my knitting and yarn crafts so I’ll try and post at least twice a month (and if I manage to do it weekly then that would be even better!).

To begin, I look back at my 2016 yarn goals. I set these to give my crafts a bit of focus and I referred back to them through the year. I didn’t expect to reach all of my goals but they provided inspiration when I got stuck and didn’t know what to work on next. Continue reading

From fibre to cowl, and spinning gradient yarn

From fibre to cowl

In the first few episodes of the Give Me A Crown podcast I’ve spoken about the process of spinning this merino fibre and knitting it in to a cowl.  This post will go in to more depth about the steps as I took photos along the way (in various lighting conditions so please forgive the quality of the shots), and I’ll explain the moment of clarity that I had about ways to spin gradient yarn for one-skein projects to maintain the gradient. Continue reading

How to start a sock yarn blanket

How to start a sock yarn blanketAfter watching many knitting podcasters show their sock yarn blankets growing over time, three months ago I decided to cast one on.  It’s still a very small corner of a blanket but each time I use sock-weight yarn I look forward to adding another square (and I might have broken in to a few fresh yarn balls just to be able to work on it).

My intentions are to let it grow with time, no particular rush, perhaps in a year’s time I’ll have a lap blanket and a few years later it will be larger still. I find it a relaxing item to work on in between projects where I can let the needles do their thing while I ponder what I want to cast on next.

For anyone considering casting on a sock yarn blanket, I wanted to provide some tips to think about as you get started. It can be an addictive project to work on, but without planning it may mean the difference between a finished beauty or a project bag hidden in a cupboard with a few lonely squares. Continue reading