Crochet doily rug with Elenna yarn

Cotton doily crochet rug with a pair of shoes

A few weeks ago I spotted a chunky yarn in Spotlight which I hadn’t seen before. It looked like a good material to make up the doily rug I’ve been day-dreaming about. 

A ball of Moda Vera Elenna yarnModa Vera’s Elenna is 50% acrylic / 50% cotton available in 100g balls (approx. 85m). They had perhaps 20 different colours so I picked out a few balls of light brown and a natural white.

At home, I picked up my 7mm crochet hook and got to work.

I didn’t use a pattern. The beauty with making it up as you go is that you can make the rug whatever size you like but there was a lot of staring at the doily as it grew, trying out short stretches of stitches and un-doing them, and in a few instances I un-did several rows when I decided that the pattern wasn’t working.

The large hook and the dense yarn definitely gave me some arm muscle aches but I took my time adding a bit more each day.

The finished doily rug is 72cm (28″) across and weighs just under 300g. I used 2.5 balls of the light brown and half a ball of the natural white.

Next time there’s a sale I’ll pick up an armful of this yarn so that I can make a larger rug.

Close-up of the doily rug pattern