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Lokki pipo beanie

In Finland I picked up a knitting pattern book called “Pipo on Pääasia” which roughly translates to: The beanie is the most important issue… which misses the play on words from the Finnish because “Pää” means “head” so… the beanie is at the head of important issues. Sometimes language nuances just don’t translate :)

Anyway, keen to continue cabling practice, I checked out a few of the patterns and decided on one called Lokki (which translates as “seagull”) that looked suitable for a few balls of Debbis Bliss Cashmerino Aran I had waiting to be used.

I read reviews on Ravelry suggesting that some people found even the large size too small so I began with that and tried it on my head as I went. It was feeling large but it was hard to judge how large it would be. I finished it up and … oh boy … it’s massive!

Big Lokki beanie (side view)

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