Faster scarf completed

A knitted scarf draped over a chairFollowing on from How to knit a scarf faster, the project was completed in time, although there was a late dash on Friday night to get all the ends weaved in, and boy there were a lot of ends!

Not only were there four yarn ends at the points where I switched to fresh balls of wool, but I found a join halfway through most of the balls (argh!) which I didn’t want to leave as a random knot in the middle of the scarf – I had to cut the knot out leaving extra joins at the edges of the scarf.

I’m wondering afterwards if it would have been neater to stagger the joining of the yarn balls: at the first join finishing one ball with some yarn left to go, and then a few rows later joining the second yarn ball. This would have meant that the weaved ends would not have been quite so clustered. I don’t think the scarf appeared flawed in any way by switching both yarns at the same spot, but joins in various places might just make it easier to clean up at the end. I’ll give it a try next time I’m knitting with two strands.

Using doubled-up yarn to get through 6 balls of 50g 8 ply wool, the finished scarf was approximately 2m (6’6″) in length, perfect for a tall man!

What I learned:

  • Knitting a long scarf with 50g balls of wool means there are lots of yarn ends to weave in at the end.
  • I can knit a long scarf in a busy week if I put some thought in to the scale of the project at the start.
Black knitted scarf