Storing leftover yarn

In an effort to be less messy with my yarn crafts, I’m trying to manage my project leftovers so they don’t end up randomly at the bottom of boxes or bags never to be used again.

Storing short pieces of yarn

Short yarns are gathered in a snaplock bag. I’ve delved in to the bag a few times for scraps to add details on amigurumi crochet toys and at some point I’ll think of other ways to make use of them.

Ziplock plastic bag containing yarn ends

Storing partial balls of yarn

For half-used balls of yarn, I’m keeping the label, squishing the yarn to one side of the label and then stapling the label for a tight fit. This helps the label stay in place when I rumble through my yarn box and helps me know what type of yarn it is when I consider using it for another project.

Small balls of yarn with labels stapled for a tighter fit