When fingerless mittens go right

After my recent hiccup with fingerless mittens, I took a more sensible approach and knitted test swatches, took measurements, created charts to figure out stripe patterns and thumb increases, and came up with a variety of much better fitting fingerless mittens.

Lots of hand knit fingerless mittens

The end of financial year sale at Morris and Sons suckered me in so I stocked up on random colours and played around with stripes, ribs, and yarns.

Both the Morris Empire 8 ply merino yarn and the Morris Estate 8 ply wool delivered wonderfully light weight mittens that are super soft after a spin through the washing machine (I love yarn that you can wash in the washing machine!).

Mission accomplished with creating a good fitting fingerless mitten, now I want to attack my pattern with different stitch combinations to create texture.

Blue merino hand knit fingerless mittens Blue and white stripe wool fingerless mittens Green and white stripe merino wool fingerless mittens