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My very own sew-in fabric labels

A few weeks back I wrote about designing my own sew-in fabric labels. They arrived a few weeks later and I’ve had fun playing with them.

Close up of a sew-in label

With foldover labels that have a different print on each side, it takes some mental gymnastics to figure out which side should face up in different situations. I found pins to be useful to temporarily put a piece together, flip it about and check, but a few attempts that don’t turn out perfect are okay as well :) Continue reading

Designing sew-in fabric labels

Paper prototyping of fabric labelsAfter a few more sales over at my Etsy store, I decided it was time to invest in fabric labels that I can attach to some of my creations.

I’m in two minds about labels because I personally am not a fan of brands being splashed large. I know though that others like labels so I’m happy to give them a go in a style I’m comfortable with and I wanted to share the steps I took.

Find out what the suppliers can and can’t do

While I know that there are ways to print these myself, I would prefer to let someone else look after it who’s done it many times before. I looked around online for Australian label suppliers and Etsy-sellers, read up on their design needs, materials, sizes, and printing methods. Continue reading