Crochet: Pine Forest potholder

Crochet potholder

I tried out another potholder from the crochet book “Patalappuja á la Carte” (note: the book is written in Finnish) by Jaana Vehkasalo, this one called Metsäretkellä (which they’ve translated as “Pine Forest” but technically means something along the lines of being on an outing in the forest).

This was the first potholder I’ve made which started from the hanging ring and then worked down crocheting along in the v-shape pattern. The pattern was classified as ‘hard’ and it took me two goes to get the first red section complete, but once that was done the rest was an easy repetitive pattern.

I found that the hanging ring felt a little wobbly at the top, so when I weaved in all the yarn ends I secured the ring to the top of the piece with a few hidden stitches.

The potholder isn’t quite square but after some use I think it will settle in to shape.

Close-up of crochet potholder Close-up of crochet potholder