Scrap buster fabric jumble zip pouch

Fabric jumble zip pouches in red, green and blue colour schemes

I have a big stash of small fabric pieces that I’ve generated and that my mum has kindly donated to me from her sewing projects and I decided that it’s time to reduce the stash and put the pieces to use. I sorted some of the stash in to separate ziplock bags based on their main colour and I started experimenting.

First attempt, lessons learned

I decided to make a scrappy fabric zip pouch with a red and brown colour scheme. I zigzagged the scrap pieces together in random fashion, added a zip, turned the pouch the right way out and… oh no! some of the zigzag seams weren’t holding!

A scrap fabric zipper pouch showing fraying edges on some of the pieces
Eek, fraying! And yes, I was too busy experimenting to iron all of the pieces :)

I had been too busy playing with pieces to think carefully about where I was placing my zigzag stitches. On the fly I thought as long as I roughly cover fabric edges it would look interesting and rough. But the result was more rough than intended, the underlayer was threatening to reveal itself, and the pieces could unravel completely.

Fraying edges of scrap pouch

Thankfully I hadn’t handsewn the lining closed yet so I went about adding some rough-looking horizontal stitches to the pieces that were in danger. They might not hold it all together forever but I thought that these stitches kept with the theme and I now have a funny little experimental pouch.

A scrap fabric zipper pouch
I like the red and brown combination with the white stitching.

A close-up of horizontal stitches on a seam

A close-up of horizontal stitches on a seam
Keepin’ it rough!

From the lessons come a final product

I decided to attempt the scrap pouch again, this time using a straight stitch. I had a better sense of how to layer the pieces, where to stitch, and how to get the frayed effect I was after.

The three pouches shown at the top of this page are now available over at my Etsy store, give me a crown.

A close-up of straight stitches holding together scrap fabrics
These frays will remain under control!