Colour play for knitted socks

I’ve become attached to my sock knitting needles after making my first three pairs of socks and an armful of mittens. My fourth and fifth socks have involved colour play rather than relying on self-striping yarns.

Novita Nostalgia socks

Digging in to my yarn stash from Finland, this pair were made with Novita Nostalgia and Novita 7 Veljestä yarn. They have a longer cuff which is folded down in this photo:

Hand knit socks from Novita yarns

Morris Pure socks

These are 100% wool socks from a super soft and cuddly yarn called Morris Pure. All three skeins I used were knot free (I love that in a yarn!), easy to work with and fun to knit.

These socks will need to be hand washed so that they don’t felt but they make great house socks for the colder nights that are surely just around the corner here in Sydney (after our record-breaking warm May).

Hand knit socks using Morris Pure yarns

Changing colour in ribbed knitting

For the Morris Pure socks I only knew that I wanted to create a two colour sock and after a few start-undo-start moments playing with patterns and stripes, I found TECHknitting’s article, Color, texture and ribbing without the icky dots–a mystery of knitting, explained, which helped me to create a neat stripe in the ribbed cuff.

Local socks

The only down side of the Morris Pure yarn is that it is actually manufactured in China despite being 100% Australian wool and designed in Australia.

I would love to find a 100% Australian designed, sourced and manufactured 8 or 10-ply yarn so that I can knit very local warm socks. Can you recommend any 100% Australian wool or wool-blend yarns?

2 thoughts on “Colour play for knitted socks”

  1. Hi there! Not sure if you found it already, but Biggan Design ( wools are 100% Australian. If you’re after something easy to pick up in a shop, most Cleckheaton wools are milled here as well. They’re available at Lincraft, Spotlight and most wool shops. Happy knitting!

    1. Hi Christina,

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve seen Cleckheaton around a lot but I haven’t picked any up yet. I hadn’t heard of Biggan Design but it looks like they’ve got some beautiful colours available! I’ll definitely keep them in mind for the next yarn order.

      I’ve been bumping in to people using Bendigo Woollen Mills recently so I chose some of their Luxury yarn for a cardigan I’m currently working on. It’s working up very nicely :)


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