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Accidental socks

Accidental socks

Sometimes the knitting needles have a mind of their own and all I can do is follow along. That’s what happened with these Accidental socks.

I wanted to try out two colour cast-ons and found a photo tutorial from Talena Winters. I picked up two balls of Regia from my stash without too much thought for the colours because I was going to try it, rip it out, and put the yarn back in my stash… but the knitting needles took control. Continue reading

My first taller knit socks and the need for calf increase

Tall knit socks and the need for calf increases

I’m working on a slow-knitting top at the moment with a yarn that is a touch on the harsh side (but will soften up after washing) so, to alternate with a softer project, I cast on a pair of plain socks with a ball of Austermann Step self-patterning sock yarn. The yarn is easy on the hands and contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, and while my colour choice was a little odd, it was a dream to knit with. Continue reading

My first handspun socks

Sweet handspun socks

While I was visiting my mum for the Christmas break I dropped in to her local craft shop to say thank you to the owner for the free alpaca fleece she gave me the previous Christmas when I was learning to spin yarn on my DIY drop spindle. I told her how much fun I had been having with my drop spindle and that I was hoping to get a spinning wheel at some point when a lady in the shop piped up to say that she knew where I could get a spinning wheel. It turned out that she had a spare wheel that she was looking to sell! Continue reading

My first toe-up socks

Over the holidays I challenged myself to try a different way of making socks. I’ve knit all my socks cuff-down so it was time to try toe-up.

I had a Zauberball that I’d been hoarding and I decided that the fun colours would keep me interested as I worked a plain sock. I had also picked up a set of Knit Pro Karbonz to test out in 2.25mm (US 1) so I threw them in the challenge mix. Continue reading