Itty bitty short double-pointed knitting needles

4 inch double pointed knitting needles

Recently I bumped into an online yarn shop that was selling 10cm (4 inch) double-pointed knitting needles. I’d never seen them available in such a short length before and I immediately knew that I wanted to try them out.

I looked around Sydney but I couldn’t find any. I went to one of my favourite yarn shops and asked at the counter and the person told me they didn’t exist. I told her that I’d seen them online for sale in Europe and she told me that I should buy them online then (I guess she was having a bad day).

So I bought two sets of them online and I love the little needles!  I’ve been using them to knit thumbs on mittens, and while there was a little bit of fear about dropping stitches, I find them quicker to manoeuvre than 20cm (8 inch) DPNs when working on a small circumference.