Schoppel Wolle variegated scarves

Schoppel Wolle yarns are like magic yarn to me – I see them in a shop and I stare for ages and beautiful images appear in my mind of the things I can create. The German-made yarn is on the expensive side here in Australia but I love the striped beanie I made last year and I decided to let myself free on a few projects with their magical yarns.

First I took on a crochet diagonal stripe scarf with Crazy Zauberball (4 ply, 75% wool 25% nylon) in the Herbstsonne colourway. It’s a mighty 183cm (6 foot) long with blue, orange and red stripes.  I used a 3mm crochet hook and 1.6 balls of yarn.

Diagonal stripe crochet scarf

Diagonal stripe crochet scarf


Then, after admiring sample lace scarves on display at Morris and Sons, I used Schoppel Wolle Laceball (2 ply, 75% wool 25% nylon) in the Schokocreme colourway to knit a feather and fan lace stitch scarf with 4mm straight bamboo knitting needles.

As I knit I realised that the colour was repeating back on itself and I decided to finish the scarf so that both ends matched. After blocking and drying I have a beautiful 165cm (5 feet 5 inches) long scarf using just 60 grams (0.6 of the ball).  With that realisation, the yarn doesn’t feel so expensive after all!

Here are some pictures from straight off the needles through to a blocked scarf, and although there’s a wobbliness to my stitches, I’m super happy with my first ever 2 ply knitting.

Lace scarf that has not been blocked.
The lace scarf before blocking.
A lace scarf pinned to a towel for blocking.
Blocking the lace scarf to bring out the pattern.
Schoppel Wolle laceball lace scarf
The finished Schoppel Wolle feather and fan lace scarf.

I now need to practice restraint while I play with other yarns but I’m itching to have an excuse to use Schoppel Wolle again (I think it could work well for a lace top!).