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Looking for stretch in stranded knitting

Following my stranded knitting experiment, I settled on a quick project that would test out my skills. A headwarmer!

Oh dear, it didn’t go as I’d hoped.

Stranded knitting headwarmer

I made up a basic repeatable pattern and knit it up with 10 ply (aran) yarn. As a flat piece I think this would have worked out well after blocking. As a piece of headgear it unfortunately falls short in the most important factor Рhorizontal stretch. Continue reading

Holding yarn for stranded colourwork knitting

My recent obsession with knitting stripes has been a lead in to trying stranded colourwork knitting. I love the look of two-colour knits for socks, mittens, beanies and jumpers and I’ve been keen to try it out.

Learning how to do knit stranded colourwork

There are many different techniques and holds for both continental and English-style stranded colourwork knitting so if the following doesn’t work for you, don’t give up, check out some articles and videos, and you’ll find the most comfortable method¬†for you. Continue reading