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Kottarainen shawl and a stash down

Kottarainen shawl

I decided to decrease my yarn stash by using up partial balls of Morris and Sons Empire 8 ply merino on this free shawl pattern called Kottarainen by Heidi Alander.

The original pattern uses two colours but I had three shades of green and three lighter colours of grey, beige and white, so I began with the darkest of the light colours and the lightest of the greens and switched colours as I ran out of yarn.

While the pattern was written for 4 ply yarn, this fabric is still wonderfully flexible, soft and cosy, and I now have a large 200cm x 72cm triangular shawl.

If you use the English version of the pattern, note that in the bind-off the k2tog is through the back loop – it seems like it from the instructions but I wasn’t certain until I checked the Finnish version to be certain.

A few more details can be found on my Ravelry project page for the Kottarainen shawl.

Zoolandia shawl

Zoolandia shawlStill on my kick from discovering a fantastic and very local indie dyer, I cast on the free Zoolandia shawl by Stephen West and DrawFour Designs with a few skeins of Pinnacle Merino Singles from Atelier Yarn.

I had spent time swatching with the yarns and began a few different patterns before settling on Zoolandia because the main yarn is heavily variegated in very striking colours. It worked up well in garter stitch but I wanted to knit something more dramatic and Zoolandia’s slip stitches and yarn overs was the answer. Continue reading

Nurmilintu shawl

Nurmilintu shawl

I thought I’d be making socks for the relatives I’m seeing in a few months but… I’ve become fascinated by shawls.

I wanted a variegated or striped yarn in red colours but I couldn’t find anything locally so I fell back on the trusty Morris and Sons Empire yarn (100% Australian superfine merino). I chose the 2ply because I hadn’t tried it before but I wasn’t sure if it would work because it’s incredibly thin with 700m in a 50 gram ball. Continue reading