Learning to crochet hats

While I’m on the topic of crochet hats:

Divine Hat

A few months ago, for my first ever crochet hat, I used a pattern from Rheatheylia called Divine Hat. I didn’t write any notes as I went along so I’m not sure if I made any adjustments but from memory the pattern was easy to follow and I might have just added an extra row or two to get to the length I wanted. I think I used a multi-coloured and a solid-coloured Lincraft Cosy Wool Yarn.

I like the pattern of the hat but the colour is not really my style – it looks like camouflage and this is why I wanted to find yarn with less frequent colour changes (and ended up with my striped adult woman crochet beanie). The hat was a little tight to begin with but it has loosened after some wear and now sits comfortably. I plan to make it again sometime but I’ll put more thought in to the colour choice.

Crocheted divine hat

Ribbed round hat

Ribbed round hat in Morris Norway 14ply
Ribbed round hat in Morris Norway 14ply

A few weeks ago I decided to try my second crochet hat which would be a warmer winter hat. I decided to use Sandra Huffines’ Ribbed round hat and while I found the pattern easy, I jumped in to the crocheting without too much consideration for the yarn so of course I ran in to problems.

Again I didn’t write notes, but I started the project with a maroon-coloured Lincraft Cosy Wool Yarn which turned out to be too thin. I think I added extra stitches because the crown of the hat looked too small when the pattern stopped increasing the stitches. I persevered but after some more rows, and trying to squish the hat on my head, I realised that it was definitely not big enough for an adult head.

I decided I had to start again so I went and bought some thick wool – Morris Norway 14ply (100% Australian Wool, 120m/100g) – and in hindsight I realise I went a little over the top with the thickness. The hat has ended up being very dense. The first few times I’ve worn it for short periods at home I’ve ended up with ribbed indents on my forehead! I’m slowly trying to stretch it out by wearing it around the house but the density makes it look like I’m wearing a helmet. I haven’t dared to wear it out in public just yet! The hat might be destined to only be a camping/out in the wilderness kind of hat, but it is warm so I’ll keep wearing it at home and see if the shape eases out.

Also with hindsight, I’m not sure if I crocheted using the right stitch. I’m still learning and getting muddled up between American and English crochet stitch names, and I realise that I need to check my patterns properly and think about the stitches before I begin a project.

If the hat doesn’t end up stretching out properly, then I guess it could always start a new existence as a crocheted bowl!

Is it a hat, or is it a bowl?
Is it a hat, or is it a bowl?