Zoom Yummy’s simple crochet slippers

Zoom Yummy's simple crochet slippers Last weekend I thought about making some socks from the maroon yarn I’d tried and failed to make a hat from. I searched for patterns without finding one I liked but I stumbled across some slippers instead from Zoom Yummy. The pattern includes helpful images and I modified and learned a few things as I went.

I started with a magic ring with 8 dc instead of a chain.

I got stuck on Row 14. I had to read through the comments to confirm the right approach – you need to crochet in to the fourth stitch from the hook (the pattern says the second stitch from the hook) because the first three are considered the dc and therefore a single stitch. It was simple enough after I understood it.

I was multi-tasking as I made the first slipper (watching videos and taking notes for an online course I’m doing) and I realised too late that I had been accidentally adding an extra dc per row from rows 15-21 (I haven’t crocheted many flat pieces yet so I might need to do some practice to figure out how not to add extra stitches!).  I tried on the slipper, it was fitting nicely and it looked like the heel would just be a little higher than the pattern intended so I continued that way.

When I completed row 26, the slipper was a good length so I stopped there. Rather than sewing the heel join I slip-stitched the two sides together.

For the edging I switched over to a smaller 3mm hook.

I’m quite happy with how they turned out. Very quick to make and they’re comfortable to wear.

This pair of slippers was made with less than 1 ball of Lincraft Cosy Wool Yarn, 100% wool 174m/100g.

Zoom Yummy's simple crochet slippers