Stitch to Stitch’s crochet socks

Stitch to Stitch's crochet socksOn the topic of crafty things to put on your feet, a few months ago I made my first (and only, so far) attempt at socks. I was feeling adventurous and despite not having an image of the end result, I tried my hand at Stitch to Stitch’s a beginner’s guide to crocheting socks.

This blog didn’t exist at that stage so I didn’t take clear notes about how I followed the instructions, but I remember the pattern being fairly straight-forward apart from the heel increases which took me some trial and thought to conquer.

I’m happy with the end result! The socks are perhaps one row shorter in the foot than would be ideal (bad measurement on my part) and they were a little tight to begin with but they’ve stretched enough with wear that they’re comfortable, and most importantly with the current wintery weather, they’re warm. I’ll give them another go soon.

This pair was made with Lincraft Cosy Wool yarn.

Stitch to Stitch's crochet socks