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Simple Skyp Socks and sock heels

Simple Skyp Socks

These are the first of what will be a few sock experiments that I need to complete over the next few months. I’m going to pick patterns and try to follow them as closely as possible to become familiar with different sock knitting techniques.

The Simple Skyp Socks are a free pattern by Adrienne Ku that I chose because of the pretty texture. I found it to be a relatively simple knit after I worked out the flow of the pattern (it’s setup to be printed as a booklet but I read from it as a PDF).  Continue reading

Cable along socks

Blue cable knit socks

Whenever I’ve mentioned that I haven’t knit cables before, people look at me in surprise and tell me “They’re easy!”  I’ve just never had a reason to use them but the other week I decided to give cables a whirl to add them to my knitter’s repertoire for upcoming projects.

On a wave of socks, my first cable project was to make up a cable version of a standard sock pattern. Continue reading

Novita 7 Veljestä yarn for knitting mittens

I’ve returned to Sydney after a very crafty three week holiday to my home country, Finland. I lost count of the yarn and craft stores I visited but I’ve returned full of great memories of the things I saw and the conversations I had with the people running the stores and encouraging their customers in all things crafty. I visited craft museums and exhibitions, cafes and bookstores, immersed myself in the craftier side of Finland and was taught a few knitting tricks by my relatives. I also came back with a big stash of yarn and a smaller stash of fabrics that will take some time to get through but will make for some lovely projects.

I’ll write more about particular crafts, ideas, materials and experiences over the coming weeks, but to start with, I have become obsessed with knitted mittens.

Five mittens on a table
Two and (almost) a half pairs of knitted mittens

Continue reading

My first time knitting socks

Knitted socks

I’ve been watching images of amazing knitted socks passing by in my Pinterest feed and decided I had to give them a go.

Pattern first
I knew that I needed a pattern. After some googling I found myself a briefly described and photographed basic knit sock pattern (this link goes directly in to a PDF in Finnish) from yarn manufacturer, Novita.

A long time ago I was given a bunch of double-pointed needles which I dug up but I realised they were all sets of four. I’d looked at enough photos to know that I needed a set of five so off I went to the craft shop and picked up a set of 5 bamboo 3.25mm needles. Continue reading